We provide programming services on the IBMi AS400

We have a great deal of experience customizing functions and integrating third party products to core systems like JBA.

Third Party Software Specialized Solutions

stick faceCore systems generally need a certain degree of customization to meet your specific business needs. We specialize in the design and implementation of these customizations, making sure they fit seamlessly into the functionality and look and feel of the core system.

These are examples of addressed issues:

  • PKMS integration issues with partial transactions (Purchasing/SOP).
  • Manipulate sequence of shop floor documentation from Manufacturing (Operation sequence).
  • Attach purchase orders to work orders to avoid sub contract function.
  • Inquiries/Reports to detail specific MRP results with out running MRP.
  • Very fast run time reports/inquiries with flexible, generic selection criteria.
  • More specific reports to reduce cross reference to understand results.
  • User defined entry to System/21 with environment/Company.
  • Additional rules applied to warehousing for cross docking etc.
  • General bug fixing/enhancements in all applications.

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